Not on the gas grid? Get in touch!

I am asking today for people to get in touch if they live in a property that is not connected to the main gas grid.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Off-Gas Grid has launched an investigation into the service and costs experienced by those who are not on the main gas grid. Below, I have written a number of questions that I am asking local people to answer. I will then compile all of the responses and present them to the APPG’s investigation for them to look into.

The questions are as follows:

1.         Do you believe that off-grid consumers are exploited by energy suppliers, and if so how much?

2.         To what extent do you agree with the statement ‘households who are not connected to the gas grid are at a fuel disadvantage due to a reliance on expensive energy sources’?

3.         Do you believe that greater oversight (e.g. through Ofgem) would be effective in ensuring a level of consumer protection equivalent to that which applies to mains gas users?

4.         Do you believe that the government could do more to support awareness of possible measures such as encouraging buying groups, community grid extension partnerships and furthering knowledge of how to switch fuels/suppliers?

5.         Do you believe that the government could do more to support vulnerable off-grid customers financially, e.g. through some form of social tariff?

I would be very grateful if you could send submissions either to or to Brandon Lewis MP, C/o Hannah Gascoigne, Fastolff Business Centre, Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1RR by 10th October.

I look forward to hearing from you!