Not last……

Thankful for small things. I completed my duathlon this weekend, I did not finish last, I did finish and I am in one piece and can still walk!

I am stiff and sore in one calf and my neck, running into my dodgy shoulder has been better, but all of that is a testament to another period of too little too late on the training front. I had to think long and hard last week about whether I competed at all the weekend. I knew my shoulder would not stand up to a swim and a full triathlon but I could not go without doing one more event so the duathlon seemed the best option with least injury risk. It was a 4 k run, 20k bike then a 4 k run with a horrid hill in it (and yes, I walked the hill). I even started the race with the wrong mind set and on the first run, my lack of trianing since my operation showed through and I did have moments where I considered a DNF result, so in light of that I am actually quite happy with my 1hr 40min finish.

However, I remembered how much work I had done pre my operation and was not prepared to let that go to waste, even if my second half of the season has gone totally off plan. I kept pushing on and then on the bike the right mind set came back, despite my discomfort and my shoulder issue starting to get tight again I also started to remember why i was there. How much i love the challenge and of proving that even a guy of my size can do this and proving it to myself and enjoying the event for its own sake!

That is when, despite the horrid hill, I realise dhow happy I was just to be there and if this season has not gone how I owuld have hoped or planned, it is simly a building block for next year.

I have learnt a lot, I need to be lighter being the main focus and I will be working hard on that over the next few months and then building a program to get ready to do more in 2012.