Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Today I met with the Chief Executive of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Caroline Williams, to discuss business and commerce in Norfolk and the opportunities we have in our region.

It was great to get the chance to meet with Caroline to discuss business in Norfolk and how this links in with other services we have at our fingertips. In Great Yarmouth we have a vast array of businesses which cater to all levels: independent shops which provide specialist goods, SMEs such as C-MAC and CLS Offshore which provide services across the world as well as multi-national companies such as AMEC and Halliburton.

People often forget how well equipped places like Great Yarmouth are for business; with the recent news of the dualling of the A11 and the facilities we have in the outer harbour we are brilliantly placed for economic development. Caroline works hard for business in Norfolk and does a great job in promoting what we have to offer; it is essential we work closely to achieve the best for Great Yarmouth and Norfolk.