No votes for prisoners

Why should murderers, rapists, terrorists, burglars and fraudsters have the right to vote? They have committed crimes, been convicted and sent to prison because they have broken the law. Yet, a group of unelected judges in the European Court has decided that it is against their human rights to prevent them voting.

Amidst warnings that we will break international obligations and risk compensation of up to £100 million to 2500 prisoners who have outstanding claims in the European Court of Human Rights, MP’s debated the issue yesterday. It’s crazy that prisoners are allowed to take this kind of legal action in the first place.

My view is; if you have broken your responsibility as a citizen and decided to break the law, then you lose many of your rights. It’s simple – no responsibility equals no rights. That also means that you shouldn’t have an influence over our lawmakers and must lose your right to vote and elect a government. I voted against giving prisoners the right to vote. Only twenty-two MP’s voted in favour.

11th February 2011