No to houses on Pontins site

At a packed village meeting in Hemsby last night, residents aired their concerns about the disused Pontins site ending up as a housing estate. Although the site has, lain empty since Pontins pulled out a few years ago, it would be a disaster to see the area bulldozed and new houses put there. Hemsby has a long history as a tourist destination and the village relies on this as part of the local economy. The priority is to see this site remain a key focus for tourism within the village and the wider Great Yarmouth area.

These sentiments are echoed by Great Yarmouth tourism chief, Councillor Charles Reynolds, who spoke in favour of the area being preserved as a core tourism site and highlighting the importance of this industry to the local economy. I will be putting pressure on the local council to protect the site. We can’t stop the submission of a speculative planning application from a housing developer but that application can be turned down by councillors wishing to regenerate the area for future tourism activities. They need to play an upfront role in promoting all that this area has to offer and approaching tourist companies to relocate to Hemsby.

13th May 2011