New health visitors for local Sure Start centres

Anyone flicking through last week’s Great Yarmouth Mercury would be forgiven for missing a small article about health visitors. However, the news that young families throughout Great Yarmouth will receive extra advice and support from a new team of health visitors is important.

Recent research shows that the first few years of life play a significant role in shaping peoples health, wealth and future happiness. Health visitors have an invaluable part to play during this period; they are experts in public health and are responsible for ensuring that children get all the usual health and developmental checks. Not only are they an early warning system for any child health problems but they provide vital support for new parents.

Thirteen newly recruited health visitors are commencing their training in our community. This is the largest group ever recruited in this area. These are new health visitors for local Sure Start centres, which the desperate Labour scaremongers claimed would all be closed by a Conservative government. Instead, Conservatives are continuing to support the centres that provide support for young families.

14th November 2011