Net migration down 34%

Last week I received a letter from the Minister for Immigration, Mark Harper MP, detailing the latest migration statistics in the UK.  The figures do much to show the positive effect government policy is having on net migration to the UK.  I want to share some of the key points of Mr Harper’s letter:

  • Net migration to the UK in now down by nearly a third since the general election
  • Net migration is down by 34% from last year
  • The overall number of visas issued has fallen by 10% to the lowest total comparable with existing data
  • The number of visa issued for skilled individuals is up by 3%, showing that the decrease in migration has not put off the brightest and best from coming to the UK.

These figures are great news for hard working people across the UK.  After thirteen years of open-door immigration under Labour, the Conservatives in government are making the system work – reducing migration while encouraging those we really need to keep coming and boost our economy.