My vote to trigger Article 50

I have received a lot of correspondence from constituents regarding the decision by the Supreme Court that an Act of Parliament is required to invoke Article 50. Although I had argued that the Government had the power to begin the withdrawal process on its own, I fully accept the Court’s decision. No-one is above the law and respect for the judiciary is one of the cornerstones of our free society. I am glad that the Government has announced that it will abide by the Court’s judgment in full.

Parliament will now vote on a Bill to invoke Article 50 and I will vote in favour of the Bill. I believe that it would be democratically impossible to ignore the wishes of the electorate. The British people voted by an overwhelming majority in June last year to leave the EU and more people voted in the referendum than at any general election since 1992. No Prime Minister or Government in British history has ever received as large a mandate. In December 2016, Parliament also voted by a majority of 373 to invoke Article 50 by March this year and I also voted in favour of that.

I hope that this explains my decision.