Must do better…

I managed a long bike ride early this week and a focused swim session but since then work has got in the way left me with a low level week thus far. I have also been doubting whether I can actually do this at all, with events looming nerves are hitting hard, and especially for the swim!

Committee commitments in the House of Commons and a Bill that I have been on the committee for too have taken up my week such that I did not manage to get to the gym at work at all this week and hold my hands up to failing to go for early morning runs.

A full constituency diary today meant another day without a formal workout. However, having got the good sessions of around 2.5 hours in early this week I am still able to get more core sessions for the week.

In the past this low week would have encouraged me to say this is not working and return to bad old ways. But, I am now very aware that the best thing to do after a low day or so, is to just pick up and get going and be confident it will not be all lost in the couple of days off! I have managed to stay away from chocolate and junk food, so not an all-bad week J

Over the weekend I will be working in a run session, Saturday morning and already am booked to meet my coach on Sunday for an unseemly early swim in the open water.

Will update my success, or otherwise, over the weekend.