Minor Surgery Day

It has been a very frustrating week or so. Firstly I had to make a decision re racing in this coming weekends Hyde park triathlon. Having been training for this since Christmas, with pre prep being even before that, I was keen to do all I could to be at the start line to experience the Olympic course. The same course our top elite athletes will race, an amazing experience for all who take part. Having decided to pull out I am very envious. It was a tough decision but I had to be honest with myself and realise that my shoulder would not hold up and my foot was going to be painful and I would end up not enjoying the race, doing very badly or even getting a DNF, plus potentially doing some long term damage that would prevent me racing for the rest of the year.

So I decided to be sensible and pull out, give my shoulder time to heal and have the well over due (should have been done in May) but very minor op on my foot that was needed. This will now mean I have a chance to heal and be ready to take part in two races in September and possibly a duathlon too, which will be my way of making up for not taking part this Sunday and to appease all the very generous people who have supported my attempt to take part in triathlon and have helped by raising funds for the palliative Care East charity in Great Yarmouth.

Having had the op today, I am typing this from my front room with my foot in the required raised position. I had to get down to London to have the op. It was not quite as I planned. I knew it was minor so had also booked a couple of evening meetings for tonight.

Having had an 8am meeting I got to Norwich to get the 10am train. Made it to the hospital early and went into the consultant at 1.30 and by 2pm I was having the local anaesthetic. The problem was that it was about 7 injections (being a needle wusss, these were all painful!) and 3.15pm by the time my foot was number enough for the operation itself. So by the time I came out, the foot below the calf was very number and the strapping much more than I expected. So my sensible shoes no longer fitted and I was given a very attractive post op shoe (see my model below)!

This gave me an interesting journey back to Norwich on a very busy train form Liverpool Street so that I could not put up my foot, as I had been directed to. As I get back to Norfolk the foot decided it was the ideal time to come back to life, so I am now typing this with a strange burning, sore sensation in my foot and am still wondering exactly what footwear, other than my attractive new outsole, may fit me enough to allow me to get back to business as usual.

At least it is now done and I should be able to get back to training within about 2 weeks and ready for the September races…until then I will be the slightly envious one cheering people on at Hyde Park this weekend. 🙂