Low level but promising week

Not a bad week altogether. Over last week I had a high cv training week of about 19 hours training. So this week was always going to have be a lower key one.

It has been, not counting what I may get up to tomorrow (Sunday) this week will be about a 3/4 hour training week, next week will rise again with Bank Holiday monday giving a chance of a decent long bike session to start the week, early on Monday.

Despite the hours being low this week it has all felt good and strong. I did a speed work session which I was pleased with and had a decent 4 mile run to the beach and back today (one of the benefits of living near the sea in such a great place as Great Yarmouth is the ability to run along rural areas and some fabulous coastline).

I starting to feel better about my training and the one target I still have is to swim more, though the chances to swim in open water begin to increase after Easter as the water tends to be a tad warmer and my wet suit will arrive. Will keep you posted, though only after I swim as I am not sure I am ready to be seen in public in a wet suit yet! 🙂