Long way to go

I have had a few weeks off training. I have returned to old eating habits and I have noticed the difference.

In just a few weeks, I already feel more sluggish, at least 1kg heavier and on the odd short and slow run I am definitely that bit slower! Not good at all. Enough is enough, I want to be fit to race in 2012 and I am keen to be lighter than in 2011.

In early races this year I felt fit and strong, but I was slow on the run as I am a big guy and the weight definitely is a hindrance on the run. I want to change that, so tomorrow I am back to training.

As I type the gps hrm watch is on charge, the kit Is out and ready to go and my son is keen to come with me….so, here we go again.

I am, oddly, looking forward to a winter of training.