Knock-on effect benefitting Great Yarmouth

For people who are not political anoraks, debates in Westminster Hall may seem rather obscure or unnecessary. Yet, it gives Members of Parliament an opportunity to raise issues of particular importance to their constituency or other topics that wouldn’t normally be discussed in the main House of Commons. The debates are short and to the point, requiring a Government Minister to respond. Although a relatively new innovation, they are now a vital part of our political process.

So, yesterday I popped into a debate about the export of Typhoon aircraft. You may wonder why that would be important to Great Yarmouth. Although the aircraft are manufactured elsewhere, bringing jobs to that area, they have an economic knock-on effect elsewhere. There are several companies in Great Yarmouth, like C-MAC and Norfolk Capacitors that provide components for various Ministry of Defence projects. Even if an area doesn’t have a large defence-industry factory they can still benefit from this type of military spending. I made that point during the debate, giving me an opportunity to showcase some of the excellent companies we have based in the town.