Kids of Steel

I was lucky enough to go and see the Kids of Steel team come to Newham a couple of weeks ago. This is the program run by British Triathlon in Conjunction with TATA steel, which introduces young children to triathlon for the first time.

They do a short pool swim, followed by a short bike round on the track and then into a run to the finish line. None of the distances are very great but it is a super way to give people a first taste of triathlon, or in some cases athletics all together. It was great to see so many (around 900 on any one day) school children enjoy this experience and you have to smile when you see their faces come out of the bike transition, with huge grins (without exception) as they start to pedal away from the transition and into the main race.

This series is being taken around the country and it is well worth finding out if there is one near your school and if so, make sure your school takes part. It is an excellent day and a great way to find out more about triathlon.

My own training has been too spasmodic. I have done the odd 5-mile run and 30 odd mile bike ride but not consistently enough, which bodes badly for the season. Frustration is that I did work hard over the winter but as Easter has come and gone and local elections have arrived, along with late finishes and early starts at work, I have let my regular daily workouts go. I am admitting this as part of my own recuperation in the sense of making sure I turn this around from this point on and get back to a daily routine of doing some form of exercise everyday. The other side of a chaotic couple of weeks is that I have let the healthy eating go to the side somewhat and this too needs to be pulled back into line. Onwards and upwards.