Jame Paget University Hospital visit

Accompanied by neighbouring Waveney MP, Peter Aldous, I visited the James Paget University Hospital last week. We talked with the board members about local health issues and fed in many points flagged up by Great Yarmouth residents. Health bosses also discussed some of the new initiatives recently introduced in the hospital, including extended visiting hours in certain wards to increase family involvement in patients’ care.

I am always glad to visit the James Paget again, it is important to establish a close relationship with the healthcare team in our region. It is useful for local MP’s to liaise with the health professionals on important issues and feedback any concerns to Westminster for consultation within the Health Department.

It is clear from the way staff members and the hospital board operate that quality care is top priority at the James Paget and this can be seen in the new initiatives implemented such as the extended visiting hours. The Government is currently working hard on getting the most out of our NHS, so it is invaluable to work closely with our health professionals on delivering the best care possible.

12th May 2011