I am a triathlete

I am a triathlete, it is official.

I know this because I got up at 5.30 am earlier today to go to a swimming pool and swim 400 meters before jogging to my bike and getting on it to ride 20K before then heading off in my trainers for a 5k run. This is a super sprint triathlon, swim/bike/run.

I am delighted to have got a triathlon under my belt and also pleased I did a quiet super sprint first to get a feel for things. I thought I learnt a lot when I did my first duathlon a month or two ago, but this was an altogether different beast.

Adding the swim makes a huge difference; I had no concept of really how much more tiring it would be with the swim first. My slight nervousness is that I am possibly not going to get a chance to swim again before I do another triathlon next weekend with a 750-meter swim…hmmmm.

I also learnt how quickly you can loose time (I will post details of my race later today when they go live, as I do not have them yet). On the swim my sports watch did not start so I have no idea of my time, on the bike I managed to loose my chain so had to stop and re fit that and then carried on quite happily. I tried to be sensible and pace myself so did not go too hard on the first part of the race, or at least what I thought was the first part. My sports watch had turned off as the button was too close to my wrist and my bent hand on handlebar has switched it off AGAIN! Luckily I have a basic speedo on the bike so was able to at least know my distance, or so I thought…. as I got to 12 k I saw a marshal pointing me up a road I was sure I recognised, the end. I had conserved energy to push hard in the second half of the 20k ride, but now with my speedo reading about 12, it was all over? How was this happening?

It was happening because my speedo was set to Mile note Kilometres! So I had taken things a bit easy with no good reason J. The run went well and I managed to run around 9.5min miles, when I tend to train at 11/12 min miles.

Most importantly I enjoyed it and I learnt more, with much more yet to learn next week and no doubt in the months ahead.

I can see why triathlon hooks people; I am already hooked just from the training. I am nervous about my ability to do a decent swim, but in that part of my problem is that I go off too fast and need to pace myself, the reverse of my bike scenario.

I will post details of my race and splits later today, when I have them.