HRM oddity

I went out for a morning run with my son this morning, which is a great thing to be able to do. With it being bank holiday I am also hoping the weather may hold off enough for us to fit in a bike ride later too.

We di about 3 miles, as I am working on the 5k route I have to do on September 11th for my next triathlon. It went well, although I had the odd experience of having a very erratic heart rate on my HRM. I went form 65 to 169 in just a couple of minutes before eventually settling around 140bpm. I never get such erratic readings so am for now assuming it was an oddity with my HRM rather than my heart itself, having not used the HRM for a few weeks.

A second run with it on tomorrow will confirm this or otherwise.

I am also starting to plan my winter, off-season work. With just 2 September triathlons ahead of me and possibly a duathlon at the end of the month, the end of the season is looming quite large.

My own view is that regardless of training levels this year my weight has clearly worked against me so my prime aim for the winter is to improve my diet so that I can drop a few more pounds in order to be a tad more competitive in 2012 and hence enjoy the superb sport of triathlon even more.