Homework time at breakfast

Education will be the topic of conversation around the breakfast table this Friday as over 15 head teachers join me to discuss education policy over bacon and eggs at the Furzedown Hotel in Great Yarmouth.

The Head teachers hail from a diverse range of schools within the Great Yarmouth area; including several secondary school heads as well as many infant and primary heads. At this meeting I will be hearing their views about the Government’s education reforms, and explaining how they could take advantage of the freedoms which are going to be offered to schools.

Over the last year, I have visited the majority of the schools within the constituency and talked individually with head teachers. However, by bringing together a diverse range of Head teachers, I will be able to foster a healthy debate about how to move education forward in Great Yarmouth. At the meeting, I will encourage them to think proactively about how the increased freedom will allow schools to adapt and tailor their schools to their communities.

I am looking forward to bringing together a representative group of heads across the Borough so that I can both help them take advantage of the opportunities offered by the planned education reforms, and to hear of any issues I can feed back to the Government in Westminster.

16th May 2011.