Highlighting the impact of high fuel prices on Coastal Towns

Yesterday I spoke out in Parliament to highlight the impact high fuel prices is having not only on hard working families but on the wider economy as well. Speaking during a Westminster Hall debate on the subject, I explained that although fuel prices were a problem for every community the problems caused are especially acute for rural areas and coastal towns. I argued that petrol prices had a direct impact on coastal towns’ economies, as it made them less attractive to tourists.

Petrol prices have a direct impact on the ability of families to travel, and therefore reduces the number of people able to afford day trips to local attractions. For many coastal and rural communities with large tourism sectors high prices at the pump, can cause serious problems. The government has already prevented a number of Labour’s planned fuel tax hikes, and recently there has been a welcome dip in fuel prices but it is essential that we continue to work on new methods of reducing this burden on hard working families.