Hero worship

What is it that drives us to take part in sport and what is it that motivates us to keep going when things do get tough?

I doubt it is the thought of a Billy Ocean song, but it could be the desire to be fit, the desire to loose weight or simply the will to win. Though I would challenge any athlete to not admit that somewhere there is the thought of an athlete we admire and secretly wish to emulate. That is what tends to drive the kids in the park playing football who want to be the next David Beckham.

For me it has been a mixture of wanting to be fitter and leaner (though ending breakfasts of hot cross buns and puddings of Hagen Daz would aid that) and also the admiration of an athlete like Lance Armstrong (@LanceArmstrong). I have long been a fan and his books on is recovery and return to racing, “it’s not about the bike” being the first, are a huge motivation. You cannot help but be impressed with the sheer determination. His performances and focus are beyond awesome and his recent return to competitive sport and a return to triathlon is one all triathlon fans should applaud. Triathlon, especially in the UK, is much Nader reported and the Lance factor will bring much more media coverage, with their voracious appetite for anything Lance. Having been cleared of all charges for illegal substances he now races without that cloud and along with his cancer foundation has a huge story to still tell. His return this weekend was oohing short of what could be expected of the man, a second place already. with people already talking about Kona, along with his ability to punish himself in training anything is possible. An exciting year awaits us all.

This will help make up for the loss for the year of my other favourite athlete, Chrissie Wellington (@chrissiesmiles). She is another amazing athlete and in her year out I suspect she will still do as much for the sport in terms of coverage and support as any of us could dream of. I hope she enjoys her year out, I await her book with keen anticipation, but I await her return to competition with even more excitement. Like Lance, she has shown an amazing ability to compete and to win, so thing we can all learn from and admire.