Great Yarmouth rail passengers should not pay more

Great Yarmouth StationThere seems to be an annual timetable in the media, when you can guarantee that certain news will come round every year, without fail. Exam results are the best ever. Andy Murray fails to win the men’s singles final at Wimbledon.

Therefore, it was no surprise to hear that train fares are set to rise again. From next January, they will increase by 8% on average. The argument supporting this eye-watering fare hike is that it is to provide extra investment in our railways. Yet, Great Yarmouth passengers have a sub-standard station that has suffered lack of investment for years. This is the biggest investment programme since Victorian times but we have a squalid station that is almost Dickensian in its unattractiveness. This money will fund rail projects like Crossrail and Thameslink, as well as 2,700 extra carriages. We don’t need extra carriages between Great Yarmouth and Norwich and big rail projects don’t benefit us directly in the town. We need a decent station.

29th August 2011

I am not confident that all this extra money will result in any improvement in our station. Will it just disappear in to the bureaucratic Network Rail, with Great Yarmouth forgotten once more?
I have written to the railways minister, who has seen the appalling state of our station, asking for an exemption to fare increases for journeys between Great Yarmouth and Norwich. Passengers should not pay more for a below par station and before any real improvements are made.