Great Yarmouth awarded efficiency funding

The government announced today an extra £1.8 million to go to Great Yarmouth Borough Council in the shape of an Efficiency Support Grant.

The grant is paid to local authorities in order to help them initiate efficiency savings, cutting costs for residents.

I am absolutely delighted by today’s announcement.  Under the last Labour government, local authority spending was marred by waste and inefficiency.  The Efficiency Support Grant announced today will go a long way to help Great Yarmouth Borough Council cut unnecessary spending from budgets across the board.  This, in turn, will continue to ensure that local people enjoy the real terms cuts in Council Tax that have been delivered year on year since the Conservative-led coalition came to power.  As the Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth, I am very pleased with the clear message from the government that the waste of tax-payers money is not acceptable.

As Minister for Local Government I have been heavily involved in Local Government Finance arrangements – this announcement is a clear indication that the government is on the side of hardworking people across the UK and not on the side of wasteful spending and inefficiency.