Great running and lost shoes…..

Not a bad week of training for me, especially when I bear in mind that I have not been near the gym and have been reliant on myself to get myself out of the front door on these cold days to train.


I have managed a few swims this week, short ones but still first pool sessions of 2012 and all felt ok. Even the 500 mtr I did today was not fast but it was solid and no breaststroke. An improvement already on last year when I would switch to breast strokes every few lengths. This time I took it slow but stuck with F/C.


I have also managed a few runs in the countryside, which I do love> It is always good to remind ourselves how lucky we are in this country to have such wonderful scenery. We read about great sights over seas (and there are many) but we also must remember what we also have on our doorstep.


The pinnacle must be last night, when I went out for a 5-mile run, as dusk was looing. I am away (seeing my in-laws too) in Scotland with the family for a few days and was out in the highlands on a wonderful expanse of countryside, with snow-topped mountains in sight and heather as far as I could see with woodlands around too. Wonderful…but also damp. So much so that just as I was noting how the patch I was running through was especially wet and boggy I found myself shoe less!


I felt my right foot go instantly wet and v v v cold. I turned back to see no sight of the shoe, so with a few steps I eventually found just the top of the rear heel sticking out of a quagmire. As I managed to position myself to retrieve it, trying not to sink my entire self in said quag, I then was delighted to succeed. But…. as I stood up full of success I moved to put my shoe back on only to find I had now left my left shoe behind!!!!


A 2-mile walk back barefoot did not appeal, so after a delicate few moments of manoeuvring (delicate is never easy as a 16.5 stone man) I managed to get back to having two shoes, muddy hands, arms, legs and part face (no idea how I got it on my face).


I oddly found myself giggling at what had happened most of the way back and even found I was running better than pre the upset. It was actually great fun. This was only surpassed by my wife’s face on her sight of me at the front door with a ridiculous childlike grin all over my face.