Great Ride

I managed to have a session with my excellent coach today Mark Harman (of Born2Tri triathlon club) and ended up having a great session.

I was nervous as he was talking about a session to “push” things a little and do a short sharp run after a strong ride, in preperation for the duathlon I am doing next weekend. My first formal event for multisport.

We eventually did a 2 hour bike ride and it was great in glorious sunshing and quiet roads, followed by a short 1.2 mil 9 min run, that was great experience for the legs. I am in no doubt that I cannot keep up that run speed on my own or for more than about a mile, but it felt great to do it and led to a day of feeling justified to be sitting down for a few hours thereafter (whilst reading my papers for this week for clarity :-)).

On top of that the bike ride was not uncomfortable at all, we did push it and found a few hills but I was ok and so am now building on my enjoyment and looking forward to more early rides this summer.