Gorleston pier meeting moves closer

I am very pleased to hear the news that a date has now been set for a public meeting over the Gorleston Pier. I had agreed to try to help arrange a public meeting during the summer recess. The editor of the Great Yarmouth Mercury Anne Edwards agreed to chair the meeting, and she in conjunction with Cllr. Steve Ames; leader of the Great Yarmouth Borough Council, have now arranged a venue and a date. The meeting will be held on the 21st of November at the Gorleston Pavilion Theatre.

In addition to Steve Ames, Cllr. Anne Steward, the Cabinet Member for Economic Development at Norfolk County Council, has indicated that she is willing to attend the meeting. At the meeting residents will have opportunity to express their concerns about the pier, including their wish for the car park to be returned to community use.

I am delighted to see that this meeting has now been arranged. I would like to thank Anne Edwards and Steve Ames for their pro-active attitude, and I am confident that community of Gorleston will really benefit from this opportunity to make their voices heard.