I managed to get a lot of swimming done last weekend, which is the discipline I need most work on. That has been hugely useful but has also highlighted how sore my shoulder still is. I have given it a few days rest and it is still playing up. I managed a decent run on Monday but have then had 2 rest days and tonight the plan is to give it a good test with a 1500 mtr open water swim.

After that I will be able to see what reaction I get. I am slightly worried about how sore it may be, when I then have to do a 40 bike ride. If it plays up at all I will have to get it checked out again. With just a couple of weeks to go I am wary that Hyde Park is looming so need to ensure it is in good order. Worse case scenario I will have to rest it longer, with some more treatment to ensure it is ready for the 3 September events I have planned.

Problem is that all the training and work over the last 6 months has been aimed at being ready to do the Hyde Park event which is the Olympic course. Will keep you posted on how tonight goes. Fingers crossed.