Front Crawl

Found something interesting this week. One of the swim issues I have had trouble with is that I always swam breaststroke, so learning front crawl, as my main stroke has been a new adventure in itself, even before adding open water and a wet suit.

Since I injured my shoulder swimming has been the main irritant but over the last few days I have focused on swimming front crawl only. If that means I go a shorter distance then that is what I have done. I wanted to get used to swimming just the one stroke. I tend to drop back to break stroke when I get tired, but this time have simply stopped, had a break and continued with front crawl. What this has shown me is that front crawl does seem to aggravate my shoulder, only breaststroke. So this bodes well for being ready for September races.

My main aim over the summer will be to work on my swim, to develop the endurance needed for the longer events, as that is what I find daunting. Whilst also making a real effort to further improve my eating habits so that I can drop another bit o weight, ideally another stone, ready for the start of 2012.