Fleggburgh wind turbines

Many residents in the Fleggburgh area have contacted me about the planning application submitted by Amber Real Estates to erect two wind turbines at the Poultry Farm in Mill Lane.

Last year, a planning inspector rejected proposals for wind turbines between Hemsby and Ormesby St. Margaret. The inspector found that the turbines, “appearance would create a degree of harm on this essentially rural location.” The addition of another wind farm and the cumulative effect of several developments in the area would have an adverse impact on what is considered a, “simple, attractive, tranquil landscape with scattered villages and farmsteads.” I believe these arguments also apply to the proposed turbines in Fleggburgh.

Whilst I am a passionate supporter of renewable energy, particularly the economic benefits it can bring to Great Yarmouth, I believe large numbers of wind turbines should be sited off-shore where they have little or no effect on our rural landscape. As your Member of Parliament, I have submitted a formal objection to this application.

I know there are a number of local campaigners in Fleggburgh, who are working hard to highlight many of the reasons, including wildlife concerns and anomalies in energy reports, to reject this application.

7th August 2011