Filby and Hopton Post Offices to modernise

Today, I met a Post Office representative in Westminster today to discuss the future of Filby and Hopton Post Offices.

The Post Office are modernising 6,000 of their 11,000 branches across the UK, by changing layouts and bringing opening hours into line with retail hours.  Filby Post Office has been given the go-ahead for a makeover and will soon be operating at the same opening hours as high street shops.  The Post Office have already changed the opening hours of some Post Offices on a trial basis and have found that 22% of customers have started visiting their local branch outside of traditional opening times.

Hopton Post Office, which will require a new premises, will also be modernised.  The Post Office are currently running a consultation on where the new premises should be.  The current suggestion is 35 Station Road.  The consultation ends on 14th February 2013.

I was very pleased to hear about the changes that are being made to Filby and Hopton Post Offices.  The Post Office acts as a hub of our local communities: longer opening hours and a modernisation of premises’ will only serve to improve this role.  I would encourage Hopton residents to participate in the consultation and let the Post Office know how they can provide the best service to the area.

The Post Office’s in-branch poster describing the consultation process is above this blog post.  Contact details for consultation responses are as follows:

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