Feeling positive

A good solid week of training. I have been keeping a training log since I started and this week is one of the best I have had yet for time and quality of training. I am also now using Training Peaks software to keep on top of what I do, which is good. As a tech fan anything like this is good fun.

I doubt there is a coincidence about the fact that the more I am training, the more I want to train and the more I enjoy it. I am reading widely on training and even starting to take more interest in nutrition, not enough yet but more than previously. What does seem obvious is that the more one trains the better one gets and hence ability and technique improve and with that the enjoyment grows.

There are also the mood improvements that are widely reported to come from training, as a result of the endorphins that flow, especially (I believe) serotonin.

Whichever of the two reasons (and I suspect it is a mixture of the two) I ma really enjoying the training now. It has moved beyond being a necessity of the end result I am aiming for in August and is becoming a thing of its own. I am especially already starting to enjoy the fun of open water swimming and am keen to get out again this Tuesday evening locally.

With this week being the lead up to my first super sprint triathlon event on Saturday I have to balance that eagerness with the sense of not over training and having plenty of rest as well.

The following week will lead into my first sprint distance at Fritton on the 11th as well. So a busy tow weeks that will give me the good foundation for the last 6 weeks training ahead of London on August 7th.