Extra investment for East Anglia infrastructure

An important part of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement was the added investment in large scale infrastructure projects. East Anglia will benefit from massive funding for the A11 and A14.

Later in the week, I made an early please for dual carriageway work on the A47. In the current economic climate, any such improvement is a long way away, but it would complete the last piece in the road network jigsaw puzzle of Norfolk.

Questions to the Leader of the House of Commons
Thursday 1st December 2011

Brandon Lewis (Great Yarmouth): In Norfolk and East Anglia, a huge number of engineering, energy and high-tech businesses are ready to expand and grow, but for many years they have complained about the previous Government’s neglect of our infrastructure and, particularly, our road infrastructure. I therefore welcome this week’s announcement on the A14, building on the A11 and the Government’s broadband investment in East Anglia. Could we have a debate on infrastructure and the economic opportunities resulting from it, particularly so that we can highlight in Norfolk the further opportunities that will emerge if we eventually dual the A47?

Sir George Young: My hon. Friend makes an important bid for yet further investment in infrastructure in his constituency, and I note that he welcomed Tuesday’s announcement, which will improve the A14, A11 and parts of the M1—junctions 10 to 13. I will pass on to the Secretary of State for Transport the fact that my hon. Friend’s appetite has now been whetted, and that he wants to see yet further investment in his constituency.

1st December 2011