Duathlon Event experience

My first multi-sport event is now complete.


I took part, I survived, I finished and I was not last. All
in all a good day!
I also got a PB for a 1 mile run and 2 mile run within the
4k first leg run, so very happy with that.
I took part in a Duathlon today with 4k run, 20k bike and
then a final 4 k run. There was a very nasty hill involved (thank you Mark!!) in the run about 1k
from the end, which  had the advantage of
giving real pain in the knowledge that it was then downhill to the end.
I am happy to admit that I had some nerves. I had thoughts
in the last 48 hrs before the event that I would be last, forget the bike
helmet, forget the bike shoes, forget the bike or at the very least forget
something vital. In the end I had everything I needed, except for an energy gel
(which, to be fair, I managed fine without).
I had a HRM average of 152 for the entire event with a peak
just over 170, I ran a 22min 4k, which I am delighted with and I learnt a lot.
I learnt that my weight needs to fall further to help my run, only so fast a big
guy can run. So motivation to train more and continue to improve my diet (more
fruit and veg, less chocolate).
I learnt that I am stronger on the bike than I would have
thought and I have learnt that I am no longer doing a triathlon simply because
I am doing a Fellowship with BTF.
I learnt that I love the multisport events. I had a great
time, it was superbly organised by Born2Tri and with superb marshals and
competitors all looking to do well but also all looking to enjoy themselves and
ensure each other did as well it made for a superb entry into multisport events
for me.
I have already signed up for the autumn re run and am determined
to get a better time, better splits and enjoy it all over again.
I also learnt how different race day is to training. When I did
the London Marathons I was doing them for charity and the aim was to finish, I
never saw myself as looking for a time. I wanted to be respectable but it was
for enjoyment and the second time I was running with my 65 year old father too.
In this race though, I could not help but want to be competitive, to a degree!
I was looking at people ahead and trying to ‘reel’ them in (they were not in
reality under any great threat) and I realised that I can actually complete an
event like this.
I learnt a lot today and most of all I learnt how much fun
this really is!