I have found that my shoulder is not healing and is not recovering post a swim so that I have to make a decision on whether to take part in the Hyde Park event on 7th August. I suspect I would be able to get through the swim, though it would be uncomfortable (as it has been on each recent swim) and the problem then is the bike ride.

My last ride, on Sunday, showed me that even without a pre swim my shoulder would play up. On that ride it as quite uncomfortable even without a pre swim and it stayed uncomfortable for 2 days afterwards too. Even a run seemed to then aggravate it. After a swim it is bad for 3 days. So I have decided to withdraw from the Hyde Park triathlon.

I am currently entered in 2 triathlons and a duathlon in September and with a good week or two rest for the shoulder my hope is that I will be fit and strong for those vents, whereas if I took part on the 7th I could end up doing that one event at the cost of more serious injury as a result.

This means that my fundraising challenge will alter, instead of being based purely on Hyde park I will move it (for those happy to continue their support) to be for the challenge of the series triathlons I will have done, including one in September that is cross country.

I will keep you posted on how things progress.