Direct democracy with new e-petitions

A few politicians having an arcane discussion about main schedules and sub-clauses, as they debate the details of a new law, could confront anyone switching on the Parliament Channel to watch the work of the House of Commons. No wonder the work of MP’s seems irrelevant to so many people.

You now have the opportunity to change that by deciding what MP’s debate through a new e-petitions system. If 100,000 people, back a petition then time is set aside to discuss it in the House of Commons. A petition on withdrawing welfare benefits for rioters and another forcing the government to release documents about the Hillsborough football disaster, have already triggered this process.

Elsewhere in the top ten there are petitions about cutting fuel prices, changing the way pensions are calculated and campaigns for and against capital punishment. They are big issues that the public want politicians. I have written more about this in my forthcoming Mercury column this week. You can find out more information or even sign a petition on the e-petitions website.

1st September 2011