Contrasting Councils

This has been an important week as far as wind turbines are concerned.  We have seen two decisions made by two councils – one good, one bad.

Conservative-controlled Norfolk County Council decided to withdraw their application for three new turbines to be installed on Oaklands Farm.  The council had been contacted by many local residents who made it clear that they did not want the turbines.  I am very pleased that Conservatives in the council listened to these concerns and changed their mind for the good of the community.

Labour councillors in Great Yarmouth Borough Council, on the other hand, have chosen to let down their constituents.  In a meeting last night, Conservative councillors voted to prevent two wind turbines from being built in Fleggburgh.  So clear was the mood of public opinion against the proposal that one of Labour’s own councillors voted against it.  Sadly, the Labour chair of the committee making the decision used his deciding vote to force the proposal through.

It is a shame, despite 1/6 households in the area expressing their opposition to the proposal, that the Labour Party felt that they knew better than local people.  I am glad that the government are introducing more powers for people to stand up to councils to stop hugely unpopular decisions such as this one.  The people of Fleggburgh, however, have to put up with wind turbines that they did not want, forced into existence by a Labour administration that does not listen to their wishes.

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