Common sense verdict backs wind farm protesters

The on-going saga of the proposed wind turbines on the edge of Hemsby and just hundreds of metres from the precious Norfolk Broads National Park has ended in spectacular fashion. Sea & Land Power and Energy, the company behind the plan to erect four turbines, took an appeal to the High Court after councillors and a planning inspector rejected their planning application.

Now a judge has thrown their plan out as well, saying it is overdevelopment and would harm the character and appearance of the local countryside. In a rare case of common sense, the judge said that preserving our countryside is more important than meeting renewable energy targets. This is an important ruling that will give hope to communities across the country battling against proposals to erect wind farms in some of our most scenic areas.
I am sure this important news will gain widespread coverage in the national media with an excellent article already appearing in the Daily Mail. It seems a long time ago when we organised a public meeting about this proposed development over two years ago, the commitment and hard work of so many villagers in opposing the plan has paid off!