Coastal Erosion

Recently I have been contacted by a number of residents who are rightly concerned about the impact of coastal erosion on their communities. I  believe strongly that we need to work to combat this threat to our area.  This is not a new concern; until recently I chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group on Coastal Erosion and campaigned on this issue long before the 2010 General Election.

Clearly this is a national problem which the government has a part to play in resolving.  I have, therefore, written to the minister responsible, Richard Benyon (who has previously visited the area to see the issue for himself), to express again my concerns on coastal erosion.  There is, however, also much which can be done locally.  We have several active groups within the Borough of Great Yarmouth which are dedicated to protecting our beautiful coastline, but it is essential that they work together to address this complex and multifaceted problem.

I have, therefore, arranged a meeting where I hope to bring all of these groups together so that from Winterton to Hopton we can present a unified front and work to preserve our historic Borough.