Charity Support in our weekly newsletter.


Recently the Charity Commission wrote to me about their work in regulating the charity sector. I was amazed to learn that there are 197 charities in the Great Yarmouth constituency. Although, I have visited many of these charities, I have a long way to go to get round all of them! However, I know the amazing work these charities and hundreds of volunteers undertake. They do this in the face of unnecessary red tape and form filling, whilst having to raise the money to complete their activities. In the current economic climate, raising money is no easy task.

To help local charities, I am organising a mini-conference in the autumn with a variety of guest speakers. They will provide advice and support, as well as guidance through the regulatory minefield and perhaps point the way to new funding opportunities. If you are involved with a local charity and they haven’t already signed up for information about the conference, please encourage them to contact my office.

Each week, I wish to highlight a different charity in my weekly e-newsletter. It will be a good opportunity to highlight their work and some of the challenges they face. If you want to be featured let me know.