Charity Spotlight – War Memorials Trust

The focus this week is on a nationwide charity, rather than one based locally. It has an interest in nearly every community across the Great Yarmouth constituency. Every village or town has a war memorial, either, the familiar cross or cenotaph set in a prominent position or a smaller memorial inside a church. They are a familiar part of our landscape, yet go unnoticed for most of the year until Remembrance Sunday approaches.

The War Memorials Trust works to protect and conserve our war memorials, so they remain a part of communities forever. Last week, I attended the launch of the “In Memoriam 2014” campaign. This is a national project that will locate, log, maintain and protect the nations war memorials in time for the centenary of the start of the First World War.
Remembrance and commemoration of our war dead, from the trenches of Flanders to the streets of Afghanistan is an important part of our nation’s culture. That is why I am supporting this campaign.

26th October 2011