Campaign for fairer fuel prices

Today I announced my backing for the Fair Fuel UK campaign that is lobbying Government to review the current framework for taxing fuel. I signed the motion to be debated on November 15th that stemmed from an e-petition and campaign organised by Fair Fuel UK.

As a committed campaigner for cheaper prices at the pump, I have consistently highlighted this issue and hope to ensure that problems faced by the ordinary families across Great Yarmouth, especially in the rural areas, are properly highlighted and brought to the Government’s attention.

For many families filling up at the petrol station is one of biggest single costs in their budget; as such, any increase has a huge impact on families who are already struggling in these tough times and those who live in remote areas with poor, or no public transport. It is essential that we take steps to support the hard working families who depend on cars to maintain their quality of life.

Find out more about why we need to see a decrease in fuel prices at the Fair Fuel UK website. Keep up to date with by looking at my Fair Fuel campaign page.

8th November 2011