British Kebab & Retail Awards

I am calling on residents to nominate their favourite kebab restaurant or restaurateur for the British Kebab & Retail Awards 2013.

The British Kebab & Retail Awards are held annually to recognise the best restaurants and restaurateurs across the UK. Awards are given in the following categories:

• Best Delivery Restaurant
• Best Newcomer Restaurant
• Best Kebab Restaurant (Regional Awards)
• Young Restaurateur of the year (aged under 25)
• Best Chef Award
• Best Related Business – Awarded to allied businesses in support of the catering industry
• Outstanding Contribution to the Kebab Industry

The kebab industry is hugely important to the economy, both in Norfolk and nationally. The industry currently contributes £2.2bn to the UK economy. These awards provide us with an opportunity to congratulate those who provide high quality cuisine and employment.

You can find out more about the British Kebab & Retail Awards here.

To nominate a local restaurant for an award, simply click the button below and fill in the form. The deadline for submissions will be 11th December.

2013.11.19 Nominate Button