Brick Sessions return….

A big day today, my first swim of 2012!

I noted in my last entry that i have spent the winter working on core and flexibility training in the gym and have only done the rare 1 mile run with a single, lonely in fact, 5 mile run a week or two ago. So this week, with the House in recess I have a little more flexibility and have decided to get some triathlon specific training going again.

When the House of Commons is sitting it is god to do early gym sessions which focus on core and flexibility and as the weather improves I can do my running, swimming and training on the weekends and early Friday mornings. However, recent weather and dark mornings and evenings has not enticed me at weekends.

Today however, I have managed a 200mtr swim, not too far but a start and more importantly a sure sign that triathlon season is now on my mind, I managed a brick session as i then headed out (fairly well wrapped) for a 1.5 mile run.

Neither distance to testing but as my first brick session of the year I thought it was enough, along with my stretches. It is a start and I intend to make the most of the chance to use a covered swimming pool over the next few days (not my own!) and get some laps in as a start to the swim training. I will keep you posted.

For now I feel good and I also feel a decent Saturday evening meal calling me……..