Brandon’s Statement on M&S move to Gapton Hall

I was sorry to hear of the 2015 move of the M&S store from Great Yarmouth town centre. M&S have made the following statement, explaining the decision:

“We have given the relocation a great deal of consideration and it is not a decision that we have taken lightly. The new store will offer a much bigger M&S food selection and an improved shopping experience, including a new 50-seat M&S café and free parking. Most of all, we want to ensure we are in the best location to serve our customers, and one which is fit for the future of M&S. We believe we have found this in Gapton Hall Retail Park”.

I have been assured that the move will lead to no job losses. I would suggest, however, that Great Yarmouth Borough Council look again at the cost of parking in the town centre. M&S are moving partly to provide a free car park – it would be a terrible shame if other businesses decided to make the same decision.

I have also been assured that M&S will be looking to ensure the Great Yarmouth store is a viable town centre business venue for someone as they are the property owner, rather than leaving it vacant. I will do anything I can to encourage new businesses to set up in our town centre. I will also be pushing M&S to consider those who use public transport to visit the store and may have difficulty with travelling to the new site at Gapton Hall.

– – – UPDATE – – –

I have written to Marks and Spencer to raise the above points. You can see my letter by clicking here.