Brandon & Sir Alan Massey meet local lifeboat crews

The Chief Executive of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Sir Alan Massey, met representatives from local lifeboat stations to discuss updated working practices between the MCA and independent groups.

Sir Alan was given a tour of Caister Lifeboat and discussed some of Caister’s historical rescue operations.

The tour was followed by a meeting, which included Caister Coastwatch, the RNLI, Northdenes Coastwatch and Hemsby Lifeboat. The meeting was an opportunity for Coastwatch representatives from all over Great Yarmouth to discuss the operational effect of working with Humber Coastguard and raise any issues that have arisen after the move. The meeting also looked at lines of communication between the MCA, the RNLI and independent Coastwatches before, during and after emergency calls.

We in Great Yarmouth have some fantastic independent Lifeboat teams, who put themselves at risk to ensure the safety of others. Sir Alan’s visit today was an indication of the importance the MCA places on the work local crews do on our behalf, and was a useful forum for issues to be ironed out and potential problems addressed. I would like to thank the representatives and Sir Alan for attending today.