Brandon Lewis raises concerns about Gapton Hall restaurant closure

I have written to the Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s to raise concerns about the temporary closure of the Gapton Hall McDonalds.

I have raised the concerns presented to me by a number of constituents about the potential impact on staff of the five week closure.

In my letter, I said: “Several [of my constituents] are concerned that they will not be able to work at the other restaurants as has been suggested due to parental commitments and limited access to transport. Needless to say I find the prospect of constituents potentially losing income a matter of great concern.”

I have called on McDonald’s to clarify their plans for staff at the restaurant during the closure.

A number of my constituents rely on their work at the Gapton Hall McDonald’s to pay for food, bills and accommodation for themselves and their families. It is, therefore, vital that McDonald’s addresses their concerns as soon as possible. I look forward to receiving a response from McDonald’s, putting my constituents’ minds at ease.