Brandon Lewis praises £500k coastal defence scheme

I welcome the consultation on a coastal defence scheme which will help to protect over one hundred homes on the Scratby coastline over a hundred year period.

The scheme, submitted to Great Yarmouth Borough Council by the Scratby and California Environment Group (SCEG) will cost just over £500,000 and will protect homes along the coast against continuing erosion.

I am delighted that, after over eight years of tireless campaigning, SCEG has brought this scheme one step closer to being realised. I have supported the group throughout this process and can say with firsthand experience that they deserve a great deal of credit for all of the work they have done. I hope that Great Yarmouth residents will rally behind the people of Scratby and support this scheme which will help to protect an important part of our coastline. The fight to protect the coast across our area continues and we are one step closer to winning this particular battle.