Brandon Lewis MP’s statement to Belton & Burgh Castle Parents Group

The following statement was read out on behalf of local MP, Brandon Lewis, to the a meeting of the parents group opposing the removal of free bus passes to students in Belton & Burgh Castle. The meeting, which was attended by approximately twenty parents, was also attended by Cllrs Barry Stone and Graham Plant.

As you are aware I have fought since the beginning against this misguided attempt at penny pinching by Norfolk County Council’s new Labour Administration and I am pleased to support the latest step by Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s Conservative Group to help protect the passes. The simple fact is that behind the rhetoric the Burgh Council put nearly a million pounds into its reserves last year, money which could be used to provide support for parents here in Belton and Burgh Castle.

I would like to publically thank Ormiston Venture Academy for deciding to support the passes till the Easter Holidays. This is a proactive and sensible move and is one of the reasons why I support giving schools more independence, as it allows them to think outside the box.

I would also like to pay tribute you the people of Belton and Burgh Castle; the parents and children, directly affected this policy who have continued to push and keep this issue highlighted.