Bike fit

I finally got around last weekend to taking up the very kind offer from Cycles UK to take my bike and get it properly fitted. I haven always been a little sceptical of how much difference it would make. I always knew and understood that a proper fitting bike would be better to ride. I had not appreciated how much difference to performance it would make to an amateur of my level, how wrong I was!

The superb team at Cycles UK took a fair while with me, I was over an hour I think and made a lot of adjustments. Many of them quite small in themselves, the main big change being the length of my handlebar stem going from 130mm to 70mm. I immediately felt more comfortable on the bike but it was only when. Got out for an early ride the next day, for an hour, that I saw the full benefit. Amazing.

It was much easier to get the power down, much more balanced, hence more control and as a result more comfortable and faster. The one downside? I can no longer blame my tools, it is now down to my own effort.

If you have not had this done it is well worth it and I owe a huge thanks to the team at Cycles UK for making my ride better and for being so good at answering every question I had and ensuring I fully understood everything they were doing, why and what difference it could make. I learnt a lot.

It is definitely worth taking the time to visit the guys at Cycles UK in Norwich, in Pilch. If you are not Norfolk based, they have stores all over , check out for nearest store. Or visit your nearest local specialist bike store, bit wherever you go a proper bike fit is well worth the time and effort.