Being Quizzed by Whizz-Kids

I got more than I bargained for at The Conservative Party Conference, when Max Sampson,17 year old Ambassador for the charity Whizz-Kidz, turned interviewer and started to grill me!

 Whizz-Kidz – which provides vital wheelchairs, life skills, and work opportunities for young disabled people – quizzed MPs to see how in-touch they are with popular culture. Questions included, what is the most played album on their MP3 player, and how often do they search for themselves online. I am pleased to say that I did quite well.

It was great to meet Max and Whizz-Kidz at Conference and be put on the spot! It was refreshing to see a charity use fun and good humour to break the ice with politicians. However beneath the mischief, the charity had a serious  importance of every child having the opportunity to be themselves, and have a childhood like any other. I remain committed to working towards ensuring that every child has the support and help they deserve.

16th October 2011