Becoming a Scouting Ambassador

Whilst visiting the Royal Norfolk Show I was formally announced as an Ambassador for Scouting and was thanked for my support, by local scouts and scout leaders. I first congratulated the winners of a raft making competition and was then thanked by the County Commissioner, Gary Burfield.

I received a certificate and also my own Norfolk County Scout Team “necker” and ‘woggle”

As a child I was a Cub Scout, and am a passionate supporter of the entire Scouting movement. I am currently proactively supporting not only local Scout Groups but also campaigning on a range of national concerns. For example, I am currently  trying to ensure that public sector workers are granted similar rights to “time off  to volunteer” as are offered by other large employers , so that they may get involved in Scouting.

For over a century  Scouting  has been providing young people with positive activities and they do fantastic work not only in the various communities within the Borough of Great Yarmouth but in nearly every community across our nation. In that context I am delighted to have been named an official scouting ambassador and I will continue to work as hard as possible for scouting so that they can continue to properly support young people.